Bunnies are terrific animals. Raised with love, they are calm, spirited, analytical, devoted, brave, amusing, and personalized. Some bunnies, like mine, are so completely litter boxed trained that they can have run of your home. Others do better in an X-pen setup with monitored playtime.

Exactly what does a bunny provide for enjoyable? The majority of home bunnies like it when you come down on the flooring to have fun with them, or when you supply a range of “toys” for them to find, feast on, damage, or just push.

You do not need to invest a fortune in unique bunny toys. Here are some concepts to assist you to keep your bunny’s house life enjoyable and amusing.

What Do Bunnies Like To Do For Fun

Ways To Have Fun With A Bunny

Bunnies are flooring occupants. They do not like being up too expensive, though they will often look for a chair for a nap. They might endure being held, however, they really choose it when you have fun with them on their level. That indicates playing on the flooring. A few of their preferred toys are:

  1. Edible Timothy lawn balls,
  2. Willow baskets or wreaths,
  3. Little dried willow or natural lawn squares,
  4. Edible dried branches or sticks (consisting of little well-washed tree stumps!).
  5. Telephone directory,.
  6. Cardboard boxes.
  7. Cardboard tunnels, specifically cardboard concrete tubes from house shops;.
  8. Cardboard playhouses.

Bunnies will press a Timothy yard ball back to you and will go through a tunnel to welcome you if you put your face to one end and contact us to him. If you rest on the flooring with a willow wreath on your chest or back, he will get on you and take the willow wreath away.

Lots of bunnies prefer to ruin the phonebook, so you can attempt that to see if he is interested. My bunny is never ever required to damage books and chooses a little plastic tub over a cardboard box to have fun with and nap upon.

Some bunnies take pleasure in tossing loud things into the air. Toss-toys consist of:

Jelly container covers looped;

  1. Plastic toy secrets (the type for kids).
  2. Knotted jute with big wood beads or obstructs connected to it.
  3. Balsa wood or other woodblocks.
  4. Your shoes, or little kid’s shoes for a smaller-sized bunny.

If your bunnies take pleasure in going through your house, attempt establishing a corridor challenge course with pillows, throw rugs, and random toys spread about, or check out the paragraph on dexterity training later on in this short article.

My bunny enjoys checking out! Rather, he takes pleasure in paying attention to others’ checks out to him. Checking out to your bunny is particularly enjoyable for kids who are learning how to check out, as it offers practice for the kid and a playtime activity for the bunny. Give it a try to see if your bunny is a literary bun.

Monitored Outside Playtime.

If you have actually an entirely confined outdoor patio or garden, rabbits definitely enjoy having outside playtime. It is essential to keep in mind that bunnies are victim animals; you need to view them every second, you cannot presume that they are safe if you cannot see them, or if they are more than a couple of feet far from you. If you have crows, pets, coyotes, hawks, owls, or other predators in your area, you need to make certain that none are around prior to taking your home bunny outdoors.

Advantages of Monitored Outdoor Playtime.

Bunnies enjoy chewing and digging, it belongs to their rabbitish nature and is not something that can be trained away inside your home. Having time to chew and dig outdoors will assist an indoor bunny to be calmer and more tranquil. Some ideas for outside enrichment for bunnies:

  1. Enable play in a pesticide-free zone. This consists of the yard location, and anywhere your bunny might go. Keep your garden natural so that your bunny can dig, munch, and go without the worry of being mistakenly poisoned.
  2. Get rid of damaging plants. Talk to your house Bunny Society harmful plant list for details on plants that might damage your bunny. Plant bunny-friendly vegetables and fruits rather.
  3. Develop a dig zone. Utilize a spade to soften a location of dirt or sand where your bunny can be complimentary to dig and tumble. Let him get dirty. When you enter, you can utilize a towel to clean him off and a light brush to get rid of dirt. Many bunnies take pleasure in being groomed by their human.
  4. Let him “garden.” Bunnies enjoy being practical. Let him chew weeds, and if you have a little tree stump or clump of roots to eliminate, let your bunny try. Our bunny’s preferred toy was a little stump of a lemon tree that he removed himself and dragged into your home. It took him the lion’s share of a week to do, and the stump kept him amused inside for a few years after that.
  5. Train him to come within on command. Training is a vital part of socializing. Attempt utilizing a unique word, like “Inside!” or “Deal with!” and after that associate coming within with getting a reward, like a raisin or little piece of carrot.

Best Bunny Toys

The very best toys for your house bunny are those that promote socializing and suitable chewing or digging habits, something near to how a bunny would act in natural surroundings. Bunnies are social animals. They wish to form a bond with their human beings and connect with you through play and through grooming. In regards to chewing and digging, it can be challenging if not difficult to entirely train a bunny to not chew and dig inside, so toys that motivate suitably, directed habits serve an essential function because of regard.

In my experience with bunnies, the very best toys to constantly have inside consisted of:

  • A box to hop upon for animals deals with or for a nap.
  • A cardboard tunnel (the 6′ kind for concrete columns) to go through.
  • A little tree stump or knobby branch for chewing, digging, and considering.
  • Little willow wreaths and baskets for tossing and chewing.
  • Difficult canvas gardening gloves for considering.
  • Natural lawn squares for digging and chewing.

In addition to that, we have a soft dig-and-flop area outdoors and we leave dead roots and weeds in the garden for the bunny to have fun with.

When picking toys for your home bunny, let your bunny guide you. If he chooses non-traditional “toys” then attempt other things (like gardening gloves) that can withstand a difficult bunny.


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