How Much Is A Bunny Cage?

Do you want to know how much is a bunny cage? For bunnies that are kept inside the house, the most popular kind of enclosure is a metal cage made of wire mesh with a simple to clean litter tray at the bottom. Rabbits are friendly and do not mind sharing the exact same area with other rabbits, so one huge cage can house a number of furry animals. However, if your rabbits need more area to themselves and you do not have a great deal of area to extra, you can buy stackable rabbit cages.

How Much Is A Bunny Cage

Strong Dura Rabbit Cage

These cages come with interlocking legs, and can be stacked up to 3 high. If you want to purchase a “3 stack” it is composed of 3 independently acquired cages. These cages are perfect for German, French Angora, English lops and other bigger bunnies.

Our Favorite Rabbit Cage is made of resilient 14 gauge galvanized wire mesh with 1″ x 2″ spacing. Cage includes Baby saver wire floors to offer security for packages and a nicer walking/resting surface area for adults. External cage dimensions 30 x 36 x 18″;

These cages are geared up with urine guards, deep 2-1/2″ sturdy Dura (non-metal) refuse tray, bottom support, tray slides and stackable interlocking Heavy gauge galvanized legs. Cage doors are greatly reinforced & swing out for security. J-Feeders are for sale independently (not consisted of with cage).

Favorite Rabbit Cages are partially put together for quick and easy assembly with consisted of tool, Cages are shipped knocked down to satisfy shipping requirements. The “Favorite Rabbit Cage’s” Special design permits these cages to be stacked as many as three high utilizing offered inter-locking leg structure.

To achieve a “3 stack” purchase 3 of the my preferred rabbit cages

Stacking cages-if you desire a stack of 3 as shown on right then please order 3 @ $119.00 each- & s/h/i.

How Much Are Rabbits Cages?

How much are rabbits cages? As a rabbit cage is most likely to last throughout the life of the pet, it’s vital to pick a home that fits the size and requirements of the rabbit, or rabbits, as well as considering budget, the location it will be kept and the centers it provides. Bunnies can end up being a much-loved family member and it is necessary that they are safe, comfortable and clean in their homes. There are lots of rabbit hutches to select from on Petsmart, Petco and Walmart and plenty to think about before purchasing.

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How Much Are Rabbits Cages At Petsmart?

How much are rabbits cages at Petsmart? Below are the pricing list:

How Much Are Rabbits Cages At Petsmart

Midwest Wabbitat Rabbit Cage

This home sets up in seconds without any tools required. Resilient building and construction with a slide-out pan and 1/2″ grid mesh floor. You’ll love the ease and convenience of these total rabbit homes. Establishes in seconds, with no tools or ports required. Functions leading and front door access and a protected slide-latch for one-handed operation. Resilient, slide-out ABS plastic pan is easy to clean. 1/2″ grid mesh floor supports and safeguards and zinc-plated finish with acrylic coating for longer life. Available in 2 models.

  • Design 157
  • Size: 37″ L x 19″ W x 20″ H.
  • Mesh: 1″ x 4″
  • Material: 12 & 13 gauge wire
  • Weight: 18 pounds.


  • Rattles loudly when rabbit walks around. My rabbit is just a few pounds
  • Will need to buy urine guards or urine and litter will fall beyond cage. This is because tray is not deep enough
  • Not large enough for a medium to big litter box


  • Door ahead and side of cage
  • Collapsible, if you have to carry

By the time you spend added money on it in guards, might as well by a higher quality cage with a much deeper tray.

How Much Are Rabbits Cages At Petco?

How much are rabbits cages at Petco? Here are the details:

How Much Are Rabbits Cages At Petco

WARE Living Room Rabbit Home, 41.5″ L X 17.5″ W X 26.25″ H
USD 149.95

41.5″; L X 17.5″; W X 26.25″; H, The supreme in pet comfort, safety, & hassle-free cleaning. Strong steel surface provides an unique mix of stylish color, design, & sturdy quality that lasts.

  • Baked-on safe enamel hammertone silver covering provides environment an attractive appearance
  • Includes 2 practical ways to access your pet
  • Pull out durable deep tray base makes cleaning easy
  • Features adjustable rack, ramp and a food dish
  • Pull out durable deep tray base makes cleaning simple
  • Comes with adjustable shelf, ramp and a food meal
  • WARE Living Room Rabbit Home, 41.5″ L X 17.5″ W X 26.25″ H

Give your animal a roomy and comfy house with the WARE Living Room Rabbit Home. This spacious rabbit cage is made with durable products and a quality design. It is simple to put together and maintain. Rolling locking casters let you position and adjust the habitat quickly. Its features also make it an ideal guinea pig cage. The cage and frame of the WARE Living Room Rabbit Home are made with high quality steel created to offer a lasting home for your family pet. The front gain access to door is made with a safe lock to keep your fuzzy good friend safely within. The rabbit cage exterior is coated with safe baked-on enamel finished with trendy hammertone silver. With the WARE Living Room Rabbit Home, you can quickly reach and have fun with your pet! The front and leading doors manage plenty of access to your rabbit cage to reach your animal, include accessories or alter out food and water. Your rabbit makes certain to love going up the ramp to the flat-surface shelf to obtain a much better view or get a delicious treat from the food meal (consisted of). The WARE Living Room is designed to provide your animal with a comfortable home and not produce too much additional mess for you! The pull-out resilient deep tray base collects any extra food and pet waste while the mesh grill keeps your rabbit up and from any stained substrate. By frequently preserving the easy-to-clean environment, you will keep your animal happy and healthy. The WARE Living Room likewise works great as a guinea pig cage! Keep in mind that if you are going to use it as a guinea pig cage, you must remove the mesh grill to secure your family pet’s delicate feet.

How Much Are Rabbits Cages At Walmart?

How much are rabbits cages at Walmart? Here are the pricing list:

How Much Are Rabbits Cages At Walmart

Kennel-Aire Bunny House Rabbit Cage
USD 50.32

Your pet will have great deals of room to unwind and scurry around with the Kennel-Aire Bunny House Rabbit Cage. The “A” frame design gives him a large house for playing, eating and resting. It is made of metal and includes 2 doors, one on top and one on the side. This allows you to include food and water and remove your fuzzy buddy with ease. This little family pet cage comes with a detachable plastic tray for a fast simple and easy clean-up. It also includes four wheels that enable you to move him from on area to another with ease. The Kennel-Aire Bunny House Rabbit Cage has a modular design that establishes quickly, permitting practical portability. When not in use it folds down for compact storage. Keep your pet secure in a safe environment. The open design allows you to see your animal whenever you desire.

Kennel-Aire Bunny House:

  • The “A” frame design supplies more space
  • Permits bunny to stretch
  • Portable rabbit cage has 4 wheels
  • Easy to move from room to room
  • Consists of 2 doors, one on the side and one on the top
  • Doors make it easy to move bunny in and out
  • Durable plastic tray produces simple cleanup
  • Little family pet cage design KABH30
  • Open design for presence
  • Folds compact for storage

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Vinegar is an excellent tool for cleaning rabbit cages and especially litter boxes. Calcium salts have the tendency to precipitate out of rabbit urine and form a tough material that truly adheres to cages and litter boxes. However, vinegar dissolves this calcium salts incredibly well. Keeps some vinegar in a spray bottle for quick cleaning of litter pans and to spray down soiled parts of the cage. If your litterbox has more persistent deposits, basic soak with vinegar for 10-20 minutes and you must be able to clean them away. Dwarf RabbitRabbit CagesHow Much Are Rabbits Cages,How Much Are Rabbits Cages At Petco,How Much Are Rabbits Cages At Petsmart,How Much Are Rabbits Cages At Walmart,How Much Is A Bunny CageHow Much Is A Bunny Cage? Do you want to know how much is a bunny cage? For bunnies that are kept inside the house, the most popular kind of enclosure is a metal cage made of wire mesh with a simple to clean litter tray at the bottom. Rabbits...All you need to know about Netherland Dwarf Rabbit