How Many Breeds of Rabbits are There?

Wonder how many breeds of rabbit are there? A rabbit breed contains pets of the very same sort, with the very same kind, colors, and also markings as well as pass on comparable features to their children. Residential pet dog bunnies are descendants of the European rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus. There are many acknowledged types in the US and also UK rabbit windows registries; however, several family pet bunnies are combined.

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The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) presently identifies 48 special rabbit types since January 2016.  The British Rabbit Council (BRC) presently identifies over 60 breeds since August 2014.

Discover how many breeds of rabbits are there as well as find pictures, information, breed background as well as more on each specific rabbit type.

Types of Rabbit Breeds

How Many Breeds of Rabbits Are There? – There are two major kinds of rabbit types in which all other categories fall into; residential and wild rabbit types. All of the types of rabbits identified by the American Rabbit Breeders Organization are residential breeds. Domestic rabbits can be kept at residence as well as elevated while wild bunnies should not be taken care of. Today’s residential line of rabbits stemmed from the European Rabbit which was precisely reproduced for desirable qualities over a long period of time.

Given that there are actually numerous rabbit breeds maintained worldwide, in this short article I am going to focus entirely upon the ones recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. If you want to get more information about just how rabbit types are classified check out our Kinds of Rabbits short article.

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Rabbit Body Types

Rabbits by ARBA criteria are frequently categorized by their rabbit physique. That being said there are currently 5 various rabbit body type classifications.
The rabbit physique breed categories consist of; Business Rabbit Breeds, Compact Rabbit Breeds, Cylindrical Rabbit Breeds, Full-Arch Rabbit Breeds and finally Semi-Arch Rabbit Breeds In this article we will certainly be considering all 5 of these categories in great information.

Commercial Rabbit Breeds

Commercial Rabbit BreedsIndustrial Rabbit BreedsOne of a lot of common rabbit body types include the Commercial Rabbit Breeds Like indicated by the name, the bunnies that make up this classification have the tendency to be used as manufacturing animals as well as meat rabbits. The bunnies that comprise this “Business” group tend to expand quickly and have big weighty loins. Numerous rabbit breeders have pointed out that these bunny rabbits look very similar to the “Compact Rabbit Breeds” other than they are a great deal larger.

Compact Rabbit Breeds

Compact Rabbit Breeds


Compact Rabbit BreedsSome of the smaller breeds of bunnies make up the Compact Bunny Breeds classification. Rabbits in this “Compact” classification will many times look well balanced when you set them up effectively.

Cylindrical Rabbit Breeds

Cylindrical Rabbit BreedsCylindrical Rabbit Breeds – The Cylindrical Rabbit Breed group presently includes only one rep. The sole rep from this “Cylindrical” category is the Himalayan Rabbit. Many dog breeders have actually noted that the Himalayan Rabbits looks a great deal like a smaller sized version of the Californian Bunny however their shape is round in nature. When these bunnies are postured effectively on the evaluating table they ought to be laid out in a “cylindrical” like fashion.

Full-Arch Rabbit Breeds

full-arch rabbit breeds

Fully Arched Rabbit Breeds – Rabbits that have actually been categorized in the Full-Arch Rabbit Breed group have the tendency to be “always alert” and “energised” in nature. A lot of the rabbits in this classification have really upright ears as well as possess a spotted fur layer.

Semi-Arch Bunny Breeds

semi-arch rabbit breeds

Semi-Arched Rabbit Breeds – The final rabbit body type classification includes the Semi-Arch Rabbit Breeds. The Semi-Arch bunnies that are discovered in this classification are frequently described as the “Mild Giants” as a result of their larger dimension. These rabbits have the tendency to be the biggest out of all 47 of the ARBA recognized breeds and also possess reduced shoulders along with a high hip.



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Rabbit Hair Types

After checking out how many breeds of rabbits are there, what about rabbit hair types? Along with being frequently categorized by “Rabbit Type of body” bunnies are additionally classified by the hair on their pelts. There are 4 major types of bunny fur; Normal Rabbit Hair, Rex Bunny Hair, Satin Rabbit Hair, Woollen Bunny Hair

Regular Rabbit Fur

One of the most common rabbit fur category is; Regular Bunny Fur Most of the different breeds of bunnies have “normal bunny fur”. Within the “Normal Bunny Fur” group there are 2 various rabbit fur sub-types; Fly-back Fur and also Rollback Hair

Fly-Back Rabbit Hair

A fly-back bunny hair coat is essentially just a coat that will “fly-back” into location after rubbing your hand across the pelt in the contrary instructions of the all-natural rabbit hair.

Rollback Hair

When you scrub your hand versus “Rollback” fur it need to basically “curtail” into area after running your hand against it.

Rex Rabbit Hair

One of the rarest sorts of rabbit hair is; Rex Bunny Hair. Currently there are only 2 ARBA categorized breeds that contain “Rex Bunny Fur”. These breeds consist of the; Rex and Mini Rex rabbits which are known to have a softer and also a lot more “velvety appearance” hair layer.

Satin Rabbit Fur

The hair on a “Satin Rabbit Hair Coat” is typically much softer compared to typical fur. Just like the “Rex Rabbit Fur Category” there are just 2 types of rabbits which possess “Satin Fur”; the Satin and Mini Satin.

Woollen Rabbit Fur

Last but not least there is “Wool Rabbit Hair”, which is sometimes described as merely “Angora Rabbit Hair”. As suggested by its revealing name Woollen Bunny Hair is rather similar to the hair found on sheep nonetheless it has actually been proven to be of a greater thickness.

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